Packaging Supplies

We are a family-run business and the leading suppliers of packaging solutions in Mitcheldean and the surrounding areas. With over 35 years of experience, we deliver a wide range of products to assist with business and personal needs from house moves to bespoke branding. Our main packaging products include bubble wrap, tapes, pallet wrap, postal products, corrugated rolls, polythene products and more. Call today to arrange an order or to speak to a specialist.

Small Bubble Wrap Rolls

Our small bubble wrap rolls are made with air retention technology, which offers long-term cushioning properties to safeguard your product. Through the use of air retention technology, protection is maintained during packing, transit, and storage by keeping the bubble cells from collapsing and minimizing the amount of air escaping. Fragile items are cushioned by the air-filled bubbles to avoid breaking. Due to its flexibility and light weight, this bubble wrap is perfect for interleaving or wrapping a wide range of products while also cutting down on transportation expenses.

Tape Supplies

 Tape and packaging go hand in hand to ensure that any items are kept safe and supported during transport. We provide a wide range of tape supplies to suit all your packaging needs. Label protection tape to double-sided tape and much more.

Pallet Wrap

Our high quality pallet wraps are perfect for companies transporting larger items, and it holds many advantages such as it gives strong protection against dust, dirt and moisture and there are many Varieties to chose from (based on your operation’s particular need and cost.) 

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